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P-024-2022- Smt. Sulochana, Kozhikode-Order 24-06-2022
The officials of the Licensee have installed a stay-wire on the appellant’s property without their knowledge/consent. They have complained to the Assistant Engineer, Assistant Executive Engineer and no resolution arrived and hence the appellant approached the CGRF, Northern Region, Kozhikode. The decision of CGRF was "As it is a case of property crossing of an existing stay which is essential for the utility for maintaining supply, the utility shall take up the complaint of the petitioner with ADM for necessary clearance." The appellant filed the appeal petition to this Authority. The following decisions are taken: (1) The Licensee is liable to remove the stay installed in the property of the appellant by adopting any of the technical options as mentioned above at the cost of the Licensee. (2) The party, if any, is aggrieved by this decision shall take up the matter with the District Magistrate as per provision of the various Sections of Indian Telegraph Act, 1885. (3) The order of CGRF, Northern Region in OP No. 55/21-22 dated 16-03-2022 is set aside.


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Created 2022-07-20 07:08:59