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P/012/2019 - Sri. Narayanan K., Ernakulam
The appellant represents M/s Indus Towers Ltd., a company providing passive infra structure service to telecommunication providers. The consumer number of the appellant’s three phase service connection is 16452 with tariff LT VI F which is coming under the jurisdiction of Electrical Section, Velloorkkunnam. The appellant had applied for additional load of 11 kW to the existing load of 11 kW to the above Electrical connection for the mobile tower erected at Nellad under Electrical section Velloorkunnam on 30/12/2009. The appellant had remitted an amount of Rs.4,34,700/- on 09/04/2010 towards the estimate cost of 11 kV line extension and installation of transformer. But the transformer installation was not done and the additional load of11 kW was sanctioned as per the application by remitting the additional cash deposit of Rs.10,000/- and additional OYEC of Rs. 8000/- on 11/07/2010. The appellant had filed an application dated 06/03/2018 before the Assistant Executive Engineer, Electrical Section, Velloorkkunnam for the refund of Rs. 4,34,700/- collected, but the officer did not respond and hence the appellant had approached the CGRF (CR) Ernakulam by filing a petition No. 33/2018-19. The Forum dismissed the petition with a direction to the respondent to take immediate action to construct the 400m 11 kV line and install 100kVA transformer within one month. Aggrieved against this, the appellant has submitted this appeal petition before this Authority. In view of the above discussions it is concluded that the proportionate expenditure of Rs. 88,091/- i.e., 22% (a load of 22 kVA is connected to the 100 kVA transformer for the appellant) of the actual cost of Rs. 4,00,413/- incurred for the erection and drawal of 450 mtrs 11 kV line need be realized from the appellant. The excess amount of Rs. 3,46,609/- remitted by the applicant shall be adjusted in the future bills or to refund the amount at any rate within 45 days from the date of receipt of this order. The appeal filed by the appellant is found having some merits and is allowed. The order dated 31-12-2018 in 33/2018-19 of CGRF is set aside. No order as to costs.


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Created 2019-05-02 09:19:55