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P/055/2019 The Manager, Malabar Christian College (MCC), Kozhikode
The three phase electric connection having consumer number 1180 under Electrical Section, Nadakkave has been registered in the name of the Principal, Malabar Christian College, Kozhikode under LT VI A tariff. The registered connected load is 89920 Watts. The section squad had conducted an inspection on 07.02.2019 in the premises of the appellant. In the inspection it was realised that B phase of the secondary circuit wire of current transformer in the metering system was in the disconnected condition. As such a short assessment bill for the period from 03/2018 to 02/2019 amounting to Rs.1,37,741/- has been issued as per section 152 of Kerala Electricity Supply Code 20l4. The consumer filed objection before the Assessing officer, the Asst. Engineer, against the said assessment. Being not satisfied with the decision of the Assistant Engineer, the consumer approached the CGRF, Northern Region, Kozhikode, with Petition No. 176/2018-19 and the Forum disposed of the holding that the short assessment for a period of 12 months is found to be conducive in the present context and directed the respondent to allow up to 12 instalments. Aggrieved by the decision, the appellant has submitted the Appeal petition before this Forum. For the reasons detailed above, the appeal petition No. P/055/2019, filed by the appellant stands dismissed as it is found having no merits. The order dated 28-05-2019 in OP No. 176/2018-19 of CGRF, Kozhikode is upheld. No surcharge shall be collected from the appellant. Having concluded and decided as above, it is ordered accordingly. No order on costs.


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Created 2019-10-03 06:24:14