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P-045-2020-Sri. Thulaseedharan,TVM-Order 17-02-2021
On suspecting faultiness of meter, the appellant applied for meter testing on 13-06-2016 to the respondent. The respondent had not done anything to test the meter for three years and finally installed a ‘test meter’ in parallel with the premises meter on 22-08-2019. The ‘test meter’ was retained in the premises for 39 days and found the premises meter was faulty. As requested by the appellant, the premises meter was again tested at meter testing laboratory at TMR, Tirumala of KSEB Ltd. to confirm the defectiveness of the meter. The test result shows the meter was defective and hence, the electricity bill for September 2019 was revised by reassessing the consumption for 271 units. The appellant is not satisfied with the revision of only a single bill and filed a petition before CGRF, Kottarakkara vide OP No.45/2020. The Forum in its order dated 23-10-2020 directed the respondent “to revise the bill on the basis of the test report for a period of six months and the excess or deficit amount on account of such revision shall be adjusted in the subsequent bills”. Appellant filed appeal petition on 30-12-2020, seeking refund of excess amount remitted for the last three years. It is decided to reassess the consumption for 24 months (12 bimonthly bills) prior to 04-10-2019, the date of installation of new meter. The consumption for the reassessment shall be the average of the recorded consumption in the new meter from 17-12-2019 to 20-06-2020, 305 units, 399 units and 325 units i.e. 343 units. The respondent shall prepare an adjustment bill for 12 bimonthly spot bills and adjust from the next bimonthly bill onwards. The Appeal Petition filed by the appellant is allowed to this extent and stands disposed of as such. The order of CGRF dated 23-10-2020 is modified to this extent.


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