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P-43-2020 Sri. Mohammed Afzal, Aluva-Order 18-02-2021
The appellant had complaint in the electricity bill received on 16-05-2020 and hence, registered a complaint before the Customer Care Services of KSEB Ltd. on 18-05-2020 and reply was received on 19-05-2020 that the reported complaint was rectified. In order to avoid disconnection of supply, the appellant remitted the amount mentioned in the bill on 16-05-2020. The next bimonthly bill was received on 16-07-2020, which had been prepared based on the average of the previous three bi-month since meter reading could not be taken due to the declaration as containment zone in the area. The appellant approached CGRF, Central Region and filed a petition vide OP No.24/2020-21, seeking review of electricity bills and for the replacement of defective meter. The CGRF dismissed the petition vide its order dated 17-11-2020 observing ‘lack of merit’. Appellant filed this appeal petition before this Authority on 15-12-2020. From the conclusions arrived at, the bi-monthly bills issued for 877 units in 05/2020 and 648 units in 07/2020 is quashed. The respondent shall revise the bimonthly bills issued in 05/2020 and 07/2020 for 426 units in each bi-month and issue within 15 days of the order. The appellant shall remit the bill amounts within the due date mentioned in the bill so revised. No surcharge or interest shall be collected from the appellant in the petition period. The order of CGRF, Central Region in OP No. 24/2020-21 dated 17-11-2020 is set aside.


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