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P-046-2020-Sri. Baby, N,T, - Order 21-06-2021
The electric connection had been registered in the name of Sri. Vareed and which was transferred to the name of the Appellant w.e.f. 30-05-2020. The connected load in the premises is 70.638 kW with a contract demand of 79 kVA and billing is done in ToD tariff and measuring consumption with a CT operated meter with CT ratio 200/5. The premises was inspected by APTS of KSEB Ltd. on 25-01-2020 and found the meter was not recording actual consumption and hence, issued a short assessment bill for Rs.3,46,413/- for the period from 04/2019 to 01/2020 and later revised to Rs.77,217/- limiting the period from 25-11-2019 to 29-02-2020. The appellant filed a petition in CGRF-CR and the Forum dismissed the petition and hence, the appellant filed this appeal petition before this Authority. The short assessment bill for Rs.77,217/- comprising of energy charge and demand charge issued to the appellant is quashed. The appellant shall remit the energy charge portion of the disputed bill Rs.77,217/-. The respondent shall revise the demand charge portion of the disputed bill for three months from 01-12-2019 to 29-02-2020 taking the maximum demand for 12/2018, 01/2019 and 02/2019 and issue to the appellant within 15 days from the date of order and the appellant shall remit within the due date of the revised bill. The appellant had remitted demand charge for 60 kVA in each month of the disputed period. That is demand charge for 12 kVA in 12/2019, 15 kVA in 01/2020 need be remitted by the appellant. If the appellant desires, three instalments shall be granted for the revised bill amount as per rules. No interest or surcharge shall be collected from the appellant in the petition period before the CGRF, appeal petition before this Authority and up to the revised due date fixed by the respondent. The order of Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum, Central Region in OP No.29/2020-21 dated 30-11-2020 is modified as above.


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