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P-005-2021-Sri. Ravindran, Kollam - Order 28-06-2021
The connected load in the premises is 890 watts and the tariff allotted is LT IA. The normal bimonthly electricity bill was within the range of Rs.600/-. For the month of April, 2020 the respondent could not take meter reading and hence issued an average bill for Rs.572/- and which was also repeated in 06/2020 noticing abnormal consumption. After detailed inspection, the appellant was given an additional bill for Rs.57,680/- and disconnected the electric supply following leakage of electricity. The appellant filed petition in CGRF, Southern Region, and the Forum found the bill issued is in order. The appellant filed this appeal petition before this Authority. From the conclusions arrived at it is decided to quash the bill for Rs.57,680/- It is also decided to revise the bill as 50% of the disputed bill. The respondent shall issue a revised bill for Rs.28,840/- within 14 days to the appellant from the date of order giving 10 days for remittance. The appellant shall remit the revised amount within the due date fixed by the respondent and no interest or surcharge shall be collected from the appellant for the petition pending period before CGRF, appeal petition pending period before this Authority and till the due date fixed by the respondent for remitting the revised amount of Rs.28,840/-. Instalments shall be granted for the amount if the appellant desires so, as per rules. The appeal petition filed by the appellant is allowed to this extent. The order of CGRF, Southern Region, Kottarakkara in OP No: 64/2020 dated 21-12-2020 is modified as above.


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Created 2021-07-07 09:47:58