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P-024/2021- Christava Mahilalayam HSS-Order 03-08-2021
The tariff category of self-financing educational institutions was LT VIA prior to 01-12-2007 and which was changed to LT VIIA with effect from 01-12-2007. KSEB Ltd. raised a total demand of Rs.85,187/- towards the difference between the tariff LT VIA and LT VIIA. Later, as advised by KSEB Ltd. for a one-time settlement, the appellant remitted the entire principal amount of Rs.85,187/- along with the surcharge for Rs.47,659/-. The decision of Hon’ble Supreme Court came on 20-02-2020 and based on the judgment, KSEB Ltd. has no right to recover any arrear amount since the entire amount was remitted in 2018 under one time settlement scheme. On 23-12-2020, the appellant was given another bill for Rs.2,58,042/- along with surcharge for Rs.4,35,563/- in the consumer numbers towards the difference between LT VIA & LT VIIA for the period from 02/2010 to 05/2013 stating that the amount remitted in the year 2018 was the difference in tariff from 12/2007 to 02/2010. As such the appellant is not liable to remit the bill amount and this was not raised by the respondent in the year 2018. In the version filed by the respondent, it is stated that the appellant availed the benefit of one-time settlement scheme on 31-03-2021 and the surcharge was revised from Rs.4,35,563/- to Rs.1,46,399/-. The hearing of the case was scheduled on 21-05-2021 but the appellant informed that they availed the facility of one-time settlement scheme of KSEB Ltd. and the appeal petition is withdrawn by the appellant. Later the respondent informed that the appellant had remitted arrear amount under “One Time Scheme” in respect of consumer numbers 52 and 94 respectively on 31-03-2021. As such the appeal petition No. P-024/2021 filed by the appellant is closed.


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