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P-017-2021-Sri. Mathew M. Varghese, Ernakulam-Order 13-08-2021
The appellant requested the Assistant Engineer to disconnect the electric supply and effect dismantling of the transformer. The appellant was given an electricity bill for Rs.79,775/- towards the assessment of “Deemed HT demand charge” for the months 12/2016, 01/2017, 03/2017 and 04/2017 in which months the maximum demand exceeded 100 kVA against the contract demand 83 kVA. The appellant approached CGRF, Central Region with requests (1) Quash the short assessment bill dated 07-08-2020 (2) Disconnect and dismantle the electric connection with effect from 26-08-2020 (3) Refund the OYEC charge remitted at the time of connection in 2013. Aggrieved by the decision of the Forum, the appellant filed the Appeal Petition From the findings and conclusions arrived at, it is decided as follows: - (1) The electricity bill for Rs.79,775/- issued to the appellant on 07-08-2020 towards the deemed HT charges for the months 12/2016, 01/2017, 03/2017 and 04/2017 is quashed. (2) The service connection of the appellant is treated as dismantled on 26-08-2020 and respondent shall not realize any demand charges after the month of August 2020. (3) The request for the refund of OYEC charge remitted by the appellant while availing electric connection in the year 2013 is rejected. The appeal petition filed by the appellant is allowed to this extent. The order of CGRF, Central Region in OP No. 44/2020-’21 dated 27-01-2021 is modified as above.


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