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P-020-2021-Sri. K.P. Muhammedali Haji, Malappuram order 26-08-2021
The appellant received an arrear bill amount for Rs.35,791/- in the electricity bill dated 01-12-2020. The appellant approached the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), Northern Region with a petition requesting (1) Rebate as per the Board Order may be allowed in the fixed charges for the months of April, May and June 2020. (2) Demand Charge may be reduced to 75% in all months where billing demand did not exceed 75% of the connected load (3) 24 interest free installments may be allowed to remit the arrears up to December 2020. CGRF issued order as follows: - “(a) The relief sought in petition vide items (1) and (2) are thus found devoid of any merit to consider and hence, dismissed (b) The relief noted in item (3) shall be allowed as a special case. The respondent shall collect the arrear amount in 15 equal installments and the installment shall carry interest. The petitioner need not pay interest for the bill amount for the petition pending period before the Forum.” Not satisfied with the decision of the Forum, the appellant filed this appeal petition. The Authority take the following decision: - As ordered by KSEB Ltd., the rebate @ 25% on fixed charge for the months of March, April and May 2020 had already been adjusted in the regular monthly bill. Hence, the request of the appellant for the implementation of Board Order in allowing rebate for the three months is treated as settled and hence closed. Since the rebate on fixed charge granted by KSEB Ltd. had already been given to the appellant and there is no orders or directions from KSEB Ltd. or any from other empowered bodies to extend the rebate on fixed charge to a further period, the request of the appellant to reduce the fixed charge to 75% in all months where billing demand did not exceed 75% of the fixed charge is rejected. The CGRF, Northern Region had already granted 15 numbers instalments, as a special case, for the payment of arrear amount with interest as per rules. Further review on this subject is not required and the decision of CGRF in granting instalments with interest is upheld. The CGRF, Northern Region exempted the appellant from paying the interest on the arrear amount for the petition pending period in the Forum. But this Authority observed that the arrear amount is the regular monthly bills, which had to be remitted by the appellant within the due date in each month and the requirement of the appellant is for a rebate on a portion of fixed charge only. As such the appellant shall remit interest for the energy charge for the pending period of petition in CGRF, Northern Region and the appeal petition pending period before this Authority. At the same time, the appellant is exempted from paying the interest on 25% of the fixed charge during the petition pending period in CGRF, Northern Region and before this Authority. The respondent shall revise the bill accordingly and issue to the appellant within 15 days from the date of orders. The order of CGRF, Northern Region in OP No. 111/2020-21 dated 20-02-2021 is modified to this extent.


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