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Orders of Kerala Electricity Ombudsman  in pdf format
P-24/2020 Smt. Bindhu suresh, Ernakulam


KSEBL issued a short assessment bill of Rs 207544/- towards the actual energy charges liable to be paid against the actual consumption of the consumer in the premises that escaped assessment. The issue is in between the appellant and tenant which caused due to the negligence of the meter reader. There is no dispute in the consumption recorded and hence the bill amount has to be remitted by the appellant and the appellant is free to approach the appropriate legal forum for taking action against the tenant for recouping the current charges.
P-023/2020 Sri. Somasekharan T.K.


The appellant was aggrieved by the bills issued for the average consumption recorded as 378 units bimonthly. The Appeal Petition is found having merits and directed the respondent to revise the bills issued based on the actual consumption and to adjust the excess amount already remitted by the appellant in his future bills.
P-022/2020 Sri. Rahim. T.P., Kannur


The appellant was aggrieved by an exorbitant bill issued in 11/2019 amounting Rs. 40348/-. The bill for Rs. 40348/- issued to the appellant is quashed. Decided to bear the cost of wastage energy equally by the appellant and respondent and directed the respondent to revise the bill issued in 11/2019 for the consumption as 490 units and 2365 units and also allowed the appellant to remit the amount in six installments.

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