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Orders of Kerala Electricity Ombudsman  in pdf format
P-037-2020-Smt. Santhanavally Menon, Thrissur


The appellant is a consumer of Electrical Section, Kodungallur No. 1 with consumer number 113611. A three phase 4 wire line was drawn by the respondent through the road under IPDS scheme and the grievance of the appellant is that a portion of the said line passes over the property of the appellant. The appellant filed a petition before CGRF and the Forum issued the order as “the respondent is directed to make necessary modification in the estimate and inform the petitioner within 7 days of receipt of the order and upon remittance of the amount by the petitioner, rearrangement work may be carried out”. Aggrieved on this, the appellant filed the appeal petition. From the analysis done and the conclusions arrived at, following decision was made: - The alternate proposal, which is also technically feasible as per the report of the respondent, the electric pole erected in the nearby constructed LT three phase line shall be removed and the labour charge for the work shall be remitted by the appellant. The respondent shall prepare an estimate for dismantling one number LT PSC pole and intimate the appellant within seven days from the date of receipt of this order and dismantle the pole within seven days from the date of remittance of the labour charge by the appellant. The unused LT line drawn through the property of the appellant along with the electric pole shall be dismantled as there is no scope to use in future as per the respondent and the expenses for the dismantling shall be met by the Licensee. The dismantling of the unused line and pole shall be carried out along with the former work or within 30 days from the date of receipt of the order, whichever is earlier. The order of CGRF, Central Region is modified and the appeal petition filed by the appellant is allowed to this extent and stands disposed of as such.
P-034-2020-Smt. Thanuja. P.P., Kozhikode


A weather-proof service connection was provided to another consumer after erecting a weather-proof support pole near the building owned by the appellant. The appellant suffered a lot of inconvenience with the electric pole and made complaint before the officers of KSEBL, but there was no result. The Appeal Petition is found having merits and directed the respondent to rearrange the electric line as proposed by the respondent at Licensee’s cost within 15 days from the date of receipt of the order. The respondent can collect the cost of additional material required, if any, for the rearrangement work.
P-036-2020-Sri. Ashik P Aliyar, Kottayam


The appellant is running a small-scale industry having an electric connection bearing Consumer number 1156307025257. The APTS of KSEBL conducted an inspection within the premises on 14-02-2020 and decided that ‘V’ phase of the energy meter was reading 42.652% of the actual consumption due to the improper contact. The appellant was given a short assessment bill for Rs.72409/- for compensating the revenue loss. Aggrieved on this, the appellant filed this appeal petition. From the findings and conclusions arrived at, it is decided to quash the short-assessment bill for Rs.72,409/- issued to the appellant.

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