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P-042-2020-Sri.M. Mohammed Haji, Kozhikode-Order 28-06-2021
Electric connection was given to a high-rise building, owned by the appellant. In addition to the HT connection, there are LT connections in the building. Though the appellant applied for HT connection in 1984, the connection was effected in 1987. As the HT connection was delayed, the appellant applied for two numbers LT connections for immediate temporary usage and which were effected by the respondent. But these temporary connections were not dismantled soon after providing the HT connection. The appellant’s option for contract demand 70 kVA includes the demand of the temporary connections. As such, the appellant has been paying demand charges for 75% of the contract demand along with the fixed charge of temporary connections. The appellant had requested many times to KSEB Ltd. to reduce his contract demand earlier and finally before the CGRF as directed by KSERC. The petition was registered by the CGRF, Northern Region, Kozhikode and the Forum disallowed the request for the reduction of Contract Demand. The high-rise building owned by the appellant is provided with High Tension (HT) and Low Tension (LT) connections in the name of the appellant and in the name of other consumers. The agreement authority of the HT connection is directed to conduct discussions with the consumers of the building including the appellant and initiate action to regularize the connections as per the rules and regulations explained above. This shall be done and completed within ninety days from the date of the order. Both the agreement authority of the HT connection and the appellant shall jointly take steps to get the approval of electrical wiring in the building from Electrical Inspectorate. Immediately after regularizing the load in the building on the strength of the discussion and the approval from the Electrical Inspectorate and rectifying the defects of the metering system, the appellant shall be given the benefit of lower contract demand as requested by the appellant earlier. Since the recorded maximum demand never exceeded 27kVA from the available data from the year 01/2015 to 03/2020 and the appellant had requested many times for the reduction of contract demand, it is decided to re-fix the contract demand with retrospective effect from 1-04-2014 for 40 kVA. The billing demand will be 30 kVA or maximum demand recorded in each month, whichever is higher. The respondent shall prepare an adjustment invoice from 01-04-2014 to till the regularization of service connections in the building and rectifying the defects of the metering system and adjust the amount in the future bills. The adjustment shall be done only after the regularization of connections in the building and rectifying the defects of the metering system. The appellant can re-fix the Contract Demand and can apply to the Licensee as per the procedure explained in the Kerala Electricity Supply Code 2014 after the regularization of service connections in the building. The order of CGRF, Northern Region in OP No.51/2020-21 dated 19-11-2020 is set aside.


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Created 2021-07-07 08:40:15