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Orders of Kerala Electricity Ombudsman  in pdf format


In pursuant to the Order No. P/54/2017/1111 dated 14-08-2017, issued by this Authority, in the Appeal petition No. P/54/2017 stated above, clarification was sought for by the appellant, Sri, Arun Chandran, vide his submission dated 12-10-2017, on the point whether surcharge is payable by him during the dispute pending period since the respondent has directed the appellant to remit an amount of Rs. 36,224/- towards surcharge for the dispute pending period. This point is clarified as follows; In page 12 of the order, under the subhead ‘Decision’, the following sentence is added in the second paragraph. “The appellant shall remit the amount within 15 days from the receipt of the order. No interest is payable by the consumer during the petition pending period before the CGRF and this Authority up to the due date as ordered now. There is no other modification in the said order dated 14-08-2017. Having concluded and decided as above, it is ordered accordingly.
P/077/2017 Sri Manuel Mohan Das, Kollam


The appellant is an LT IV A consumer under Electrical Section, Veliyam with Consumer No 3856. The registered connected load of the premises is 20078 Watts and the contract demand is 20000 Watts. A cashew factory named M/s. Kevin Cashews is functioning in the premises. A penal bill for Rs. 58,985/- for the period from 04/2014 to 03/2016 was issued to the consumer on 05-12-2016, since sufficient capacitor was not installed in the petitioner's premises as per general conditions stipulated in the tariff order dated 27-09-2014. An objection against the demand was filed before the Assistant Engineer and he did not allow the petition and rejected without quoting any valid reason or regulations. So the appellant had approached the Hon’ble CGRF (South) by filing a petition in OP No. 325/2016 which was dismissed vide order dated 26-05-2017. Aggrieved against this, the appellant has submitted this appeal petition before this Authority. In the absence of any positive evidence to disbelieve the contentions raised by the appellant that the capacitors were installed in the premises in the disputed period, I hold the 20% extra charges for the period from 04/2014 to 03/2016 is arbitrary and hence unsustainable. The appeal petition filed by the appellant is found having merits and is allowed. CGRF order OP No. 325/2016 dated: 26-05-2017 is set aside. Having concluded and decided as above it is ordered accordingly. No order as to costs.
P/085/2017 Sri. Khader, Sri. Ali Mohammed, Smt. Shyni D Kozhikode


The appellants were the applicants for electricity connection for their houses under the ‘Total Electrification Programme of the Kerala State Government. The appellants also remitted application fee Rs. 10/- each at Electrical Section, Unnikulam and also submitted Wiring Registration Certificate, ELCB paper, agreement in stamp paper of Rs. 200/- for effecting the connection. The respondent had denied electricity connection to them on the basis of various grounds. So the appellants had approached the Hon’ble CGRF, Kozhikode by filing a petition in OP No. 199/2016-17 which was dismissed vide order dated 15-06-2017. Aggrieved against this, the appellants have submitted this appeal petition before this Authority. Considering the above facts and legal provisions pertaining to the issue this Authority is of the considered view that the appellants are eligible for electric connections for domestic purposes under Total Electrification Programme. So, the appeal petition stands admitted as it is found having merits. The respondent shall take action to obtain sanction from the higher officers of KSEB Ltd to provide electricity connection to the appellants and to effect the connections within a period of three months. The order of CGRF (North), Kozhikode in OP No. 199/2016-17 dated 15-06-2017 is set aside. Having concluded and decided as above, it is ordered accordingly. No order as to costs.

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