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Orders of Kerala Electricity Ombudsman  in pdf format
P/091/2019 - Sri. Nizamudheen. Y, Kollam


The appellant, Sri. Nizamudheen, is a single-phase domestic consumer with consumer No. 4305 under Electrical Section, Pallimukku, Kollam who is aggrieved by the exorbitant electricity bill issued to him for an amount of Rs. 8491/- for the period from 06/18 to 08/19. The appellant remitted Rs.2989/- and raised objection against the balance amount of Rs.5502/-. The connected load in the premises is 160 watts effected from 09-12-1983. Being aggrieved, the appellant filed a petition regarding the impugned bill before the CGRF, Kottarakkara and the Forum disposed of the petition vide order no. OP 94/2019 dated 16-10-2019 with a decision that the petition is dismissed due to lack of merits. Against the decision of the Forum, the appellant has filed the Appeal petition before this Authority on 26-11-2019. From the findings and conclusions arrived at as detailed above, I decide to quash the disputed amount of Rs. 5,502/-. Having concluded and decided as above, it is ordered accordingly. The Appeal Petition filed by the appellant is found having some merits and is allowed. The order of CGRF, Southern Range in Petition No. OP/94/2019 dated 16-10-2019 is set aside. No order on costs.
P/088/2019 Sri. T.S. Ashish, Thiruvananthapuram


The appellant is running a footwear shop by name, “Steps” in KSRTC shopping complex at Kizhakkekotta, Thiruvananthapuram with Consumer No. 11739 of Fort Electrical Section and the registered consumer is Managing Director, KSRTC. The KSEBL disconnected the supply on 03-07-2019 following non-remittance of the bill for Rs. 131/-. The appellant requests to pay compensation to the loss occurred due to the disconnection of service connection without notice as per clause 139 (1) of the Kerala Electricity Supply Code 2014. The appellant had approached the CGRF (SR) Kottarakkara by filing a petition in OP No. 96/2019 and the Forum in its order dated 28/10/19 rejected the request of compensation and allowed refund of the remitted reconnection fee of Rs.30/- to the appellant. Aggrieved against this, the appellant has submitted this appeal petition before this Authority on 13-11-2019. For the reasons detailed above, the appeal petition filed by the appellant stands dismissed as it is found having no merits. The request for compensation is rejected. The order dated 28-10-2019 in OP No.96/2019 of CGRF, Kottarakkara is upheld. Having concluded and decided as above, it is ordered accordingly. No order on costs.
P/086/2019 Sri. T.R. David, Thiruvananthapuram


The appellant is provided with electrical connection bearing consumer No. 11415131016291 in the name of Sri. T.R. David, under Electrical Section, Beach, Thiruvananthapuram in domestic (1A) tariff. On 11-!2-20i5 the single-phase service connection was converted to three phase. The appellant was issued a short assessment bill amounting to Rs.11,556/- based on the average consumption after the replacement of the faulty energy meter. Since the appellant had not remitted the regular current charge bills, the connection was disconnected by the KSEBL. Aggrieved by this, the appellant filed a writ petition before the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala and as per direction of the Court, the service connection was resumed. The request of the appellant before the CGRF, Kottarakkara is that to cancel the short assessment bill for Rs. 11,556/- and to reimburse the amount of Rs. 25000/- he had expended towards the fees and charges of legal service or adjust the same in his future electricity bills. The Forum disposed of the petition vide order no. 69/2019 dated 24-09-2019 with the decision 1. Short assessment bill for Rs.11,556/- is quashed, stating that, this bill is unsustainable, since, the disputed meter was not tested to prove that, the meter was sluggish or faulty during the period 10/2010 to 08/2011. 2. The petitioner is liable to pay the regular electricity bills issued to him by the respondent. Still not satisfied with the decision of the Forum, the appellant has filed the Appeal petition before this Authority on 13-11-2019. From the analysis done above and the conclusions arrived at, the appellant’s plea to reimburse the amount expended as legal service charges is rejected and this Authority uphold the decision taken by the CGRF, Kottarakkara in OP No.69/2019 dated 24-09-2019. The appeal is found devoid of any merits and hence dismissed. Having concluded and decided as above, it is ordered accordingly. No order on costs.

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