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Orders of Kerala Electricity Ombudsman  in pdf format
RP-009-2022- AXE, Thirurangadi, Malappuram-Order 05-01-23


When APTS conducted inspection of the connection on 11th March 2019 and found that billing of this College was done under wrong tariff and a short assessment bill raised for Rs.83,045/- with penalty, which has been paid. Then another short assessment amount has been worked out to Rs.5,98,088/- and then corrected to Rs.5,55,904/-, which was raised on 09-09-2022. The principal amount of the short assessment is Rs.2,01,632.70 and the surcharge is Rs.3,54,271.29. The consumer was ready to pay the principal amount and not the surcharge as there is no delay / fault from the consumer for making the payment. They filed petition to Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (NR) and then appeal to the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman ordered that the consumer is not liable to pay the interest for the arrear amount and the consumer has to pay the principal amount without delay. The respondent of the original petition filed the review petition to review the order issued. The circular of KSEBL dated 29-02-2020 also states that the consumers for whom arrears were there, which are to be recovered with interest. the appellant filed the appeal petition to this Authority and the decision is taken as follows: (1) There is no justification to revise the original order issued vide No. P-059/2022. (2) The review petition is dismissed.
P-084-2022-Sri.Shamsudeen, Malappuram-Order 30-12-22


As the CT in 150/5 ratio, the Licensee has mistakenly billed the power charge as per MF-20 instead of MF-30. On inspection, this mistake was found out and prepared a site mahazar. Accordingly, the Licensee has issued a short assessment bill to the appellant. Appellant approached CGRF-NR and the Forum ordered that the appellant is liable to remit the short assessment bill amount in instalments without interest. Further, appeal petition submitted to the Authority and the decision as follows: 1) Uphold the decision of CGRF-NR. 2) Officials of the Licensee has made serious mistake and as such necessary action is to be taken against the concerned officials.
P-082-2022-Smt. Leena Varghese, Thrissur-Order 29-12-22


Electric connection was not provided by the Licensee in absence of the ownership certificate. Uphold the decision of CGRF.

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