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Orders of Kerala Electricity Ombudsman  in pdf format
P-004-2022-Secretary, Daya Rehabilitation-Order 31-03-2022


The Licensee changed the tariff from LT VID to LT VIG and issued a short assessment bill for Rs.22,620/- for the period from 09/2020 to 01/2021. The appellant approached the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), Northern Region with a request to retain to tariff under LT VID and the Forum registered the petition vide OP No. 14/2021-22 and issued order on 18-12-2021 as follows: “The tariff category grouping of each type of consumer is finalized by the Hon’ble KSERC. When the tariff category claimed by the petitioner is not clear to be included in a particular tariff grouping, the petitioner has to approach the Hon’ble Kerala State Electricity Regulatory Commission that definition to include that category in that particular grouping”. The appellant filed appeal petition before this Authority. The Appeal Petition filed by the appellant is dismissed and this Authority upheld the decision taken by the CGRF, Kozhikode dated 18-12-2021 in OP No.14/2021-22.
P-003-2022-Sri. Narayanan. K., Ernakulam-Order 31-03-2022


The appellant had been given exorbitant bills from the month 04/2020 onwards and hence, the bill amount was not remitted by the appellant. As per the request of the appellant, the energy meter was tested in TMR Division, Pallom and found defective. As such, the appellant was given revised bills from 05/2020 to 10/2020. The appellant remitted the bill amount from 01/05/2020 to 02/2021 on 19/02/2021. Later, the appellant was given another bill for Rs.43,641/- which is the surcharge for the amount. As such, the appellant approached Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), Central Region with a request for exemption from remitting the surcharge amount. The Forum registered the petition and issued order with a decision that the petitioner was bound to pay the demand for surcharge raised by the Licensee. The appellant filed appeal petition before this Authority. It is decided to quash the bill towards surcharge for Rs.43,641/- issued to the appellant. The appellant is exempted from remitting the surcharge amount for the bills issued for the period from 04/2020 to 10/2020 and liable to remit the surcharge amount for the bills from 11/2020 to 02/2021, bills issued based on the consumption recorded in the new meter installed on 23-10-2020. The respondent is directed to issue a revised bill towards surcharge for the bill amount in the period from 11/2020 to 02/2021 within 15 days from the date of order. The Appeal Petition filed by the appellant is allowed to this extent and disposed of as such. The order of CGRF, Central Region, Ernakulam dated 12-12-2021 in OP No. 41/2021-22 is set aside.
P-002-2022-Sri. M.V. Kunjukunju, Ernakulam-Order 17-03-2022


The appellant received an electricity bill for an amount of Rs.4,075/-, which is shown as arrears, with previous and present meter reading status as “Door lock”. The appellant filed a petition before CGRF, Central Region and the Forum dismissed the petition. The appellant filed the appeal petition before this Authority. Decided to quash the electricity bill for Rs.4,075/- issued to the appellant. The order of CGRF, Central Region, Ernakulam in OP No.32/2021-’22 dated 10-12-2021 is set aside.

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