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Orders of Kerala Electricity Ombudsman  in pdf format
P/115/2017-Sri. Prince P Pathrose


As per the above audit report, the respondent changed the tariff of the appellant and a short assessment bill was issued to him, directing to remit an amount of Rs. 116040.00 being the difference in the tariff for the period from 28-11-2015 to 18-04-2017. The Party shall be allowed 20 installments to pay the disputed bill amount. No interest or surcharge is payable by the consumer during the Petition pending period before the CGRF and this Forum and up to 30th day of this order, which is taken as the revised ‘Due date” of the bill.
P/110/2017-Sri. Madhu Sudhan.R


as per the remarks contained in an Audit Report, the KSE Board initiated action and changed the Tariff of the consumer to LT VIII with retrospective effect from 1/5/2013 and under LT VI F tariff w.e.f. 16/08/2014 and raised a short assessment bill, amounting to Rs112637/‐, related to the period of 12/2007 to 1/5/13 to 6/1/2017 for the misclassification of tariff, being the loss sustained by KSEB during the period. The respondent is directed to revise the bill for the entire period from the date of functioning the premises as a ‘computer oriented institution’ to 06-01-2017 for appropriate tariff and generate bill for arrear or excess charges based on the actual period of wrong classification and the account of the consumer shall be adjusted within two months of this order with details of calculation for his information, as per the provision of Regulation 97(4) of Kerala Electricity Supply Code, 2014.
P/111/2017-Sri. Ajith Kumar K


“The short assessment bill of Rs. 4494/- is quashed. The respondent is directed to revise the bill for a period of two billing cycles.” the short assessment during the alleged faulty meter period is hereby quashed. The respondent is directed to adjust the amount remitted by the appellant in the future electricity bills.

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