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Orders of Kerala Electricity Ombudsman  in pdf format
P-079-2022- Sri. Basid Chelakkod, Kozhikode-20-12-22


The Licensee has changed the tariff to VIIA w.e.f. 13-02-2014. This was not known to the appellant. The repeated request of the appellant was not heard and not changed to domestic tariff. Appellant was issued with bill for Rs.32,790/- for the period from 04/2020 to 06/2022. The appellant made last payment on 24-09-2020. The meter readings were not taken for the months 4/2020, 6/2020 and 08/2020 due to Covid-19 pandemic. The reading was taken on 10/2020 and the consumption recorded was 2558 units. The consumption was divided into 4 bi-months and bill is prepared accordingly. The supply was disconnected on 27-11-2021. The minimum monthly demand charges were also issued for 12/2021 to 06/2022. The bill for an amount of Rs.33,623/- was issued on 03-10-2022. The appellant filed petition to the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), Northern Region, Kozhikode and CGRF (NR) vide order dated 13-09-2022 ordered that the appellant is liable to pay the bill amount. The appellant filed appeal petition before this Authority and following decision is taken: 1. Decision of Licensee to change the tariff from I (A) to VII (A) is set aside and the appellant should be in the tariff I (A). 2. The demand notice issued to the appellant is quashed. Prepare a revise bill as per tariff I(A) and the appellant is liable to pay the charges, if any, as per the revised bill. 3. The Licensee has to refund the excess charged on the tariff VII (A) to the appellant.
P-076-2022- Sri. Shoukathali, Kasaragod-Oder 19-12-22


The connected load was 39.6 kW and the consumer was paying electricity bill regularly up to 01-02-2020. From 02-03-2020 onwards the energy bills were not paid and an arrear of Rs.2,47,279 plus surcharge was accumulated as on 13-01-2022. The building was rented out to run a hotel and the hotel operator had closed the shop due to Covid-19 and hence, the bills were not paid. The request is to waive the fixed charges charged in the bill during this period. The appellant filed petition to the CGRF, Northern Region, Kozhikode and CGRF (NR) issued vide order dated 12-08-2022, stating that the appellant is liable to pay the arrears. The appellant filed appeal petition before this Authority, following decision is taken: 3. The appellant is liable to pay the fixed charges only for 180 days from the date of disconnection. 4. The Licensee has to revise the demand as per the decision (1) above. 5. The appellant is liable to pay the charges as per the revised bill prepared by Licensee as per decision (1) & (2) above.
P-072-2022- Sri. Vinod M.M., Wayanad-Order 16-12-22


The resort was functioning up to 23-03-2020 and was not functional from 23-03-2020 to 06-12-202 due to Covid-19 lockdown and restrictions. This resort was taken over by the Local Administration for the functioning of Covid-19 care center and this was functional from 09-05-2020 to 03-09-2020. On 19-05-2020, the Asst. Engineer noticed that the CT & PT unit installed at the premises was burned off and as per the direction of Dy. CE/KSEBL, the supply was restored by bypassing the CT PT unit. The CT PT unit was replaced by the appellant on 19-11-2020 after a gap of more than 6 months. The respondent issued bill to the appellant for Rs.17,31,018/- from 05/2020 to 11/2020. The appellant filed petition to CGRF (NR) and ordered that the penal billing done for three billing cycles is to be quashed and the average consumption billing done for the period from 05/2020 to 11/2020 is in order. Accordingly, the bill amount has been revised to Rs.12,37,377/-. The appellant filed appeal petition to this Authority and following decision is taken: 1. The Licensee shall assess the percentage of connected load which could be used during the lean period with the previous billing cycle period and the same percentage amount of the average of three billing cycle is to be billed to the appellant. 2. Energy charges for 01-05-2020 to 03-09-2020 is to be borne by the Panchayath, who has operated the Covid care centre. 3. Appellant is liable to pay the charges assessed by the Licensee as per decision (1) above.

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