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Orders of Kerala Electricity Ombudsman  in pdf format
P/019/2018 - Sri. Abdul Gafoor B.P.. Kannur


The appellant is an industrial consumer bearing consumer 12205 under the tariff LT IV (A) of Electrical Section, Pappinisseri, running the industrial manufacturing unit namely M/s Fab Wood Industry, Thuruthi, Pappinisseri, having a present connected load of 121645 watts and contract demand 90 kVA. The connected load of electric connection had been enhanced from 40150 watts to 121645 watts with effect from 16-05-2015 resulting replacement of CT with ratio100/5 to 200/5. While so, on 25-10-2017, the factory premise was inspected by the APTS of KSEB and detected wrong application of Multiplication Factor (MF) of 20, instead of actual 40, for converting the meter readings into true energy consumption. The CT’s at the time of the inspection in the premise of the consumer was tested at the meter testing laboratory and the ratio of each CT was confirmed as having 200/5 i.e. 40. The consumer was issued a short assessment bill of Rs. 12,33,436 /- dated 31-10-2017 towards the cost of ‘energy loss’ occurred to KSEB due to mistake in the MF. Upon receiving short assessment bill for Rs. 12,33,436 /-, the consumer approached and filed a petition before CGRF, Kozhikode on 21-11-2017 vide OP No. 156/2017-18. The Forum issued an order on 08-03-2018 to revise the short assessment bill by reducing the period from 29 months to 24 months from 10/2015 to 09/2017 and giving 15 days' time for remittance as per the Regulation 152 of Kerala Electricity Supply Code 2014. The Forum also granted 12 numbers installments for the revised short assessment bill, if the appellant made a request for the same. Aggrieved by the said order, the Appellant has filed the Appeal Petition, before this Authority. From the analysis done above and the findings and conclusions arrived at, I do not find any merit in the Appeal Petition filed. The appellant has consumed energy and due to some omission on the side of the respondent, the multiplication factor was wrongly applied as 20 instead of 40. The site mahazar prepared during APTS inspection has noted down the anomaly detected and copy of the site mahazar was received by the Manager of the Firm. The appellant is also eligible for 24 installments, if requested for, and the respondent shall issue the same. The consumer shall pay the whole amount or the 1st installment within 30 days of this order. The subsequent installments will bear interest from 30th day of this order to the day of payment. No interest or surcharge is payable by the consumer for the Appeal pending period before this Forum and up to 30th day of this order. Having concluded and decided as above, it is ordered accordingly. The order dated 08-03-2018 of CGRF in OP No.156/2017-18 is upheld. No order on costs.
P/012/2018 - Sri. George Joseph, Kottayam


The appellant has filed the appeal petition, being aggrieved at the inaction of KSEB to shift the electric line passing through his property to the road side, situated under Electrical Section, Ponkunnam. Though the appellant had approached the KSEB for shifting the 11 kV line, they had prepared estimate amounting to Rs. 90,371/? and later Rs. 73,597/- and demanded the appellant to remit the same. The appellant is aggrieved by the huge sum demanded by KSEB for the work, he has filed petition before the CGRF, Kottarakkara vide Petition No. OP No. 536/2017 and the CGRF has disposed it by order dated 02-02-2018, with the remarks as; “ the LT line can be shifted from the property of the petitioner and others based on the remittance of work deposit amount.”Still aggrieved by the said order, the Appellant has filed the Appeal Petition, before this Authority. From the analysis done and conclusions arrived at, I take the following decision. The respondent shall prepare a revised estimate for the deposit work amount comprising of the construction of the 180 metres of LT single phase 2 wire and labour charge of shifting of 100 metres (i.e., labour charges for the shifting of existing single phase line to the road and estimate cost for the additional single phase 2 wire line construction) and if the appellant is willing to remit the amount, the respondent shall carry out the work. The estimate cost can be shared with the two other beneficiaries by the appellant, if possible. The order of CGRF is modified to this extent. After completion of the work, the respondent shall prepare an evaluation statement of the work based on actual quantities. The appellant shall remit the excess cost if any, within one month, failing which the Licensee shall be entitled to recover the same, as if it was arrears of current charges under appropriate regulations. Excess remittances if any shall be refunded by the respondent by adjustment in the monthly current charges/direct refund within a period of 3 months. Having concluded and decided as above, it is ordered accordingly. The Appeal Petition filed by the appellant is found having merits and is allowed to the extent it is ordered.
P/015/2018 - Sri. Jayan V.R., Kozhikode


The appellant is a domestic consumer of electricity with consumer No.14818 under Electrical Section, Kovoor, Kozhikode. The energy meter in the premises of the consumer was alleged to be not working properly, resulting abnormal reading since 2014. The appellant had registered a complaint via email on 29-05-2014 and on 12-12-2014 requesting to replace the defective meter. The appellant took the matter before the CGRF, Kozhikode, requesting to replace the faulty meter and to review and adjust the amount charged, as the highest consumption was recorded, during the period since 2014, was due to the defective meter only. The Forum has disposed of the complaint vide Order No. OP 125/2017-18 dated 29-01-2018, by taking the following decision. 1) The respondent shall reassess the bimonthly consumption for a period of 12 months (6 spot bills) prior to meter replacement, taking of the average of the consumption recorded in the new meter for three bi monthly spot bills. 2) As the petitioner had already remitted the bi monthly spot bills for the above period, the Respondent shall revise the spot bills accordingly and adjust the excess amount if any, in the future bills. If the revised amount is more than the amount already paid by the petitioner, the Respondent shall not realize such amount. Aggrieved by the said order, the Appellant has filed the Appeal Petition, before this Authority. In view of the factual position I don’t find any reason to interfere with the findings and decision taken by the CGRF, Kozhikode in this case and hence the order of CGRF is upheld. The respondent shall take the average consumption of 3 bi-months from 07-11-2017 for reassessment of 12 months prior to meter replacement and revise the spot bills accordingly and adjust the excess amount, if any, in the future bills. Having concluded and decided as above, it is ordered accordingly. No order on costs.

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