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P-016-2022-Sri. Sujeesh Kumar.S., Ernakulam-Order 31-05-2022
Muthalamada (East) Ksheera Vyavasaya Co-operative Society, the appellant is involved in milk reception from farmers, testing, dispatch of milk to milk union, payment and account keeping at Muthalamada Panchayath. The appellant filed petition before this Forum with regard to classification of Tariff. The appellant had approached CGRF in OP No. 141/19-20 and OP No. 21/ 21 - 22 complaining exorbitant bill of Rs.4,15,164/ -, the short assessment bill of anomaly in the tariff assignment and wrong classification. The co-operative society was initially provided with VB agricultural tariff which was subsequently changed to VII A Commercial tariff on the basis of observation noted by the audit wing of the Licensee. The Deputy Chief Engineer (TRAC ) had also clarified that the tariff applicable is LT- VII (A). Accordingly, vide order dated 30.06.2020 and 30. 12.2021, CGRF directed that the appellant is liable to pay the bills and also mentioned that the appellant is to approach KSERC for a final order in the matter as the issue is in connection with fixation of Tariff. a) The appellant is liable to remit the bill as raised by KSEB Ltd. b) The tariff currently applicable is VII A as it is the tariff applicable for milk chilling plants. c) The appellant may approach KSERC as the issue is in connection with fixation of Tariff


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Created 2022-06-27 09:30:44