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P-019-2022-Smt. Saly George & SBI, Idukki-Order 20-06-2022
The first appellant rented out this building to second appellant for the functioning of SBI, Muvattupuzha branch as per the rental agreement. The energy meter installed in the premises with CT of ratio 100/5 and hence, the Multiplication Factor is 20. On 28-10-2021, the Ant-Power Theft Squad (APTS) along with Sub Engineer, Electrical Section, Thodupuzha No. II has conducted an inspection in the premises and found that ‘R’ phase and ‘B’ phase voltage connected leads were wrongly connected to the meter terminals. APTS checked the accuracy of the meter by a calibrated standard testing kit and found that the energy consumption was 31.51% less than the actual consumption due to the interchanged voltage terminal connections. A site mahazar was prepared in presence of the appellant (2), who was witnessed the inspection procedure. Licensee has prepared a short assessment bill for Rs.6,65,794/- for a period from the date of connection 04-07-2013 without any interest and issued to the appellant. The appellant approached CGRF, Central Region, Ernakulam, disputing the short assessment bill. The Forum ordered that the appellants are bound to pay the short assessment bill issued by the Licensee. The appellants filed the appeal petition to this Authority. Following decisions are taken: - (1) The appellant is liable to pay the short assessment bill amount. (2) The respondent shall grant 12 numbers of monthly instalments without interest to pay the short assessment bill by the appellant to the Licensee. (3) The Licensee has to device a proper and rugged system to ensure that this type of mistakes are not happened and also to ensure periodical inspection and testing of meters. (4) The order of CGRF, Central Region in OP No.50/2021-22 dated 24-02-2022 has been modified to this extent.


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Created 2022-07-11 11:37:48