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P-023-2022-Sri. Abraham George, BAM, Pathanamthitta-Order 22-06-2022
The tariff was LT VIA. Kerala State Electricity Regulatory Commission has revised the tariff of Self-Financing Educational Institutions from LT VIA to LT VIIA with effect from 01-12-2007. Then there was a revision from VIIA to VIII during 2013 and then to VIF during 2014. The Licensee has raised the penal bill citing order of Hon’ble Supreme Court and order of the Licensee during 10/2020, effective from 01-12-2007. The Licensee was charging based on the wrong tariff till 10/2020 which was LT VIA, which was applicable for Govt./Aided institutions. The appellant has identified the wrong tariff during the external energy audit and informed the Licensee to correct the mistake and correct tariff was applied since 09/2020. The penal bills were raised including interest during 10/2020. The appellant approached CGRF-SR, Kottarakkara, seeking the relief to stay the disconnection notice and order to revise the original demand, excluding the interest. CGRF in its order vide No. 67/2021 dated 24-02-2022 disallows the application of the petitioner to make the payment of the short assessment bills without interest and also to exclude the interest for the period of petitions before the Forum and Hon’ble High Court of Kerala. Tthe appellant filed appeal petition to this Authority. The decision is taken as follows: (1) The bills raised by the Licensee dated 22-10-2020 and 28-10-2020 and the subsequent revision vide letter dated 15-07-2021 (two letters) are squashed herewith and directed to prepare the revised bill with effect from 01-12-2007 without interest till 10/2020 and the balance with interest (2) The appellant is liable to pay the principal amount since 01-12-2007 as per the revised tariff without interest till 10/2020 and the balance bill amount with interest. (3) The respondent shall grant 08 numbers of equated monthly instalments for making the payment. (4) Respondent is hereby directed to avoid charging interest for the period of petitions before CGRF (South), Hon’ble High Court of Kerala and with this Authority. (5) The order of CGRF, Southern Region in OP No.67/2021 dated 24-02-2021 is modified accordingly.


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