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P-035-2022-Sri. Ramnath, TVM-Order 20-07-2022
The High-Tension facilities in the building including the metering facilities were installed by the appellant as per the approval of Kerala State Electrical Inspectorate. The 11 kV feeder from the 110 kV Substation is connected to a 5 panel (HT panel) board in which one is a spare panel. Two feeders are connected to Transformer 1 & 2, which is general load provided by the Licensee. Two feeders are connected to Transformers 3 & 4. Transformer capacity is 1600 kVA each. The outgoing of these transformers is fed to the load through an LT panel., which is having three incoming breakers and two bus couplers. Two sets of Current Transformers of 100/5 connected to the 11 kV feeders of Transformer 3 & 4. These CTs were connected to a summation CT with ratio (5+5)/5 and the summation CT is connected to the ToD meter for recording the energy consumption. The Multiplication Factor would have been = 100 x (5+5) = 40 5 5 On 30-07-2016, an inspection was carried out by the Licensee based on the input received during the energy audit. It is mentioned in the report that a single ToD meter was connected for recording a consumption through two sets of 100/5 CTs and a supporting CT of (5+5)/5. The electrical charges for the common area utilities like HVAC, Lifts etc. was billed to M/s. Carnival Technopark and for this 2 x 1600 kVA transformers are provided by the appellant. The Multiplication Factor used for billing was 20 prior to conducting energy audit instead of the actual Multiplication Factor of 40. There was an underbilling of Rs.6.80 Crores for a period from October 2009 to June 2016. The Licensee issued the bill to the appellant, aggrieved by this, the appellant approached the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram of the Licensee and the CGRF ordered vide OP No. 1/2019 dated 18-03-2022 that the appellant is bound to pay the short assessment bill issued by the Licensee. Aggrieved by the decision of the Forum, the appellant filed the appeal petition and the Authority decides as follow: (1) The appellant is liable to pay the short assessment bill amount. (2) The respondent shall grant suitable numbers of monthly instalments without interest to pay the short assessment bill by the appellant to the Licensee. (3) The order of CGRF, Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram in OP No.1/2019 dated 18-03-2022 is modified to this extent. (4) The Licensee has to device a proper and rugged system to ensure that the meters and CTs are connected properly and the correct CT ratio has been considered for billing and also ensure that the periodical inspection and testing of meters as specified in the Kerala Electricity Supply Code 2014 is meticulously followed. (5) The Licensee has to device a system to follow the Regulations of KSERC and Regulations of the Kerala Electricity Supply Code 2014 and all applicable regulations.


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