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P-093-2022- Smt. THANKAMMA. V.C., THRISSUR-Order 30-01-23
The meter reading could not be taken since 10/2021 to 04/2022 due to the door locked condition. When the meter reader attended the premises to take the reading on 04-06-2022 and found that no display was showing in the meter. Then the meter was replaced on 04-06-2022. The next reading was taken on 03-08-2022 and reading shown was 2000 units. Accordingly, the Licensee has raised bill for Rs.18,649/-. The reading was very abnormal and the house was normally in locked condition and they used to be in the house once in a while only. The appellant contented about the abnormal reading and abnormal bill. The appellant complained to check the meter, on checking by the officials of the Licensee, found that the meter was functioning normal. The reason for abnormal reading would have been due to the earth leakage in the wiring. The appellant filed petition to the CGRF (CR) and vide order dated 15-11-2022 states that the petitioner is liable to pay the bill amount. The appellant filed appeal petition before this Authority and following decision was taken: 1. The appellant is liable to pay the bill amount already raised by the Licensee. 2. No further bills on this account are to be issued by the Licensee.


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Created 2023-02-21 09:56:10