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P-096-2022-P.S. Janardhhanan, TVM-Order 10-02-23
The appellant requested the Licensee to shift the stay-wire of the Pole VK/VM-57/10/1 for making a gate for the entry of the vehicle inside his property. The site inspection was conducted by the Assistant Engineer and found that it is not feasible to shift the pole due to the objection made by the neighbours. When this post is shifted to other side of the road as suggested by the appellant, the stay wires are to be installed in the property of neighbours for which they are objecting. The appellant filed the petition to the CGRF (SR) and as per the direction of CGRF (SR), the respondent visited the site and two proposals submitted; one with an A type pole and other by installing a fly-stay for the existing pole. The estimate for the first proposal was Rs.55,025/- and that of second was Rs.11,263/-. Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum ordered vide order dated 08-12-2022 that as the shifting of the post to other side of the road is objected by the neighbours, the appellant can approach ADM for a decision. The appellant filed the appeal petition to this Authority and following decision was taken: 1. The appellant may select one of the feasible option and Licensee shall execute the shifting as a deposit work meeting the expenses by the appellant.


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