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P/023/2023- Shri. N.K. Sivadasan
The appellant is the owner of the industry named as M/s Thermoplastic Industries, at Mulamthuruthy and the consumer of the licensee under tariff LT IVA industrial. The appellant is the consumer of the Electrical Section, Udayamperoor with consumer no. 1755497002679. There are arrears on power charges for the appellant and outstanding amount accumulated. The licensee has sanctioned installment scheme for clearing the dues. The appellant complaints that amount remitted by him on 17/03/2022 for Rs.7723/- and Rs. 2277/- were not been accounted by the Licensee. The appellant claims that he had paid Rs.3,323/- in excess to the bills raised by the licensee and he want this amount is to be refunded. The Respondent’s version is that the appellant has to remit Rs. 15,274/- to clear of the dues. The appellant filed petition to the CGRF and CGRF issued order vide order dated 31/3/2023. Aggrieved by the decision of CGRF, the petition is filed to this authority. On verifying the documents submitted and hearing both the petitioner and respondent and also from the analysis as mentioned above, the following decision are hereby taken. 1. The appellant is liable to pay the arrears as per the records of the licensee. 2. No order on cost.


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Created 2023-08-24 04:51:09