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P/026/2023- Smt. Sathi Devi P.
The appellant Smt. Sathi Devi is a consumer under the Electrical Section, Kollappaly, with consumer number 1157407004829 and residing at Aimcombu. The appellant received a heavy bill for the billing month August/2022 amounting Rs. 13,532/-. The appellant complained to the officials of the Licensee. The meter reader has not taken the reading for the two billing cycles mentioning the meter was not accessible as the gate was closed. The meter reader has not used the wicket gate at the side for entering inside to take reading. The billing was done based on the average consumption of previous billing cycle and the actual reading was taken on the billing month of August 2022. The total amount was calculated by spreading the consumption for the door lock period and adjusted with the provisional bill. The appellant requirement is to revise the exorbitant bill and issue a normal bill on the basis of average consumption. The appellant filed petition to the CGRF and CGRF issued order stating that the appellant is liable to pay the amount as per the bill. Aggrieved by the decision of CGRF, the appellant filed this appeal petition to the authority. On verifying the documents submitted and hearing both the petitioner and respondent and also from the analysis as mentioned above, the following decision are hereby taken. 1. The appellant is liable to pay the charges as per the bill raised. 2. The licensee shall grant 12 instalments for remitting the payment. 3. No interest or surcharge payable. 4. The licensee shall examine whether the meter reader has performed his duty well, if not suitable action is to be taken. 5. No order on cost.


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Created 2023-08-24 04:59:20