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RP/006/2023- The Assistant Executive Engineer, Thodupuzha East
Review appellant Asst: Executive Engineer, Electrical Sub Division, Thodupuzha (East) submitted the Review petition to review the order of the Ombudsman for the petition P/019/2023. The appellant of the petition P/019/2023 was Sri. Joseph Mathew, Vannappuram, Idukki and is the review respondent of this petition. The review respondent owns a small shop room with a power connection from the licensee and the load connected is only a ceiling fan and a tube light. The regular monthly consumption was around 20 units. The electricity bill for 10/22 was verry high for Rs. 1973/-. The meter was tested and found OK but the meter data shows that there was an earth leakage. The ceiling fan was damaged, the damage has happened due to the lighting. The lighting would have happened either in the building or through the electric line. Accordingly, the Order was to share the responsibility and review respondent has to pay 50% of this charges. The review appellant submitted review petition to review the order of the Ombudsman. Decision The original order issued for the petition P/019/2023 has reviewed and following order is issued herewith. 1. The consumer is liable to pay the bill issued by the licensee. 2. The licensee shall grant 12 instalments for paying this amount. 3. No order on cost.


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Created 2023-08-24 05:18:20