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P/064/2023- M/s Global Education Trust
The appellant Sri. Jayakumar K is the Asst. General Manager of Global Education Trust which owns a school named Global Public School. This trust is a high Tension Consumer of the licensee (KSEBL) under the Electrical Section, Mulanthuruthy. This connection was availed on 14/07/2010 under HT II B General Tarif, and the connected load is 178.02 kw with contract demnd of 100kVA. The CT unit of the meter became faulty during 11/2017 and faulty meter was replaced with a new meter on 12/01/2018. The multiplication factor of the new CT meter is 2 against that of 1 of the old CT meter. This mistake was noticed during the time of installation of solar meter and accordingly short assessment bill for the period from 01/2018 to 01/2021 was prepared with the correct multiplication factor 2 for Rs. 22,30,444/-. The consumer initially made the part payment and then the balance payment was also made on 30/02/2023. The appellant has requested the licensee to limit the short assessment for a period of two tears and also to sanction 12 monthly instalments to remit without interest and surcharge. No positive response for their request and then the appellant approached CGRF and CGRF issued order dated 11/09/2023 stating that the petitioner is liable to pay the short assessment bill. Aggrieved by the decision of CGRF, the appellant approached the authority by filing the appeal petition.


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