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P/05/2024- Smt. Saleena Ismail
The appellant Smt. Saleena Ismail is a domestic consumer of the licensee with consumer no. 1146410030383 under their Karukachal Electrical Section. This is a single phase connection with connected load of 1.976 kW and connected on 06/03/2023. The first bill was issued on 24/04/2023 for Rs. 104 and the consumption recorded was 19 units. The second bill was issued on 21/06/2023 for 2767/- and the consumption recorded was 442 units. The appellant disputed the bill as there was no chance of consuming this huge quantum of power. A meter which would have not been accurate have connected parallel to the existing meter and the consumption recorded by this new meter was much less.The old meter have been send for testing at TMR pallom and report states that the error is within the limit and hence the meter is not faulty. The power have been disconnected as the payment was not made and have been reconnected as per the intervention of CGRF. The appellant is contenting that the meter would have been faulty as the test meter shows lower reading and also complaining about the disconnection without proper notice. CGRF had issued order dated 30/12/2023 on completing the procedural formalities. This petition is filed as the appeal to the order of the CGRF.


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Created 2024-04-24 11:16:14