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P/42/2017 Sri. Joy S., Kottarakkara
The appellant is an industrial consumer under LT IV A tariff in Electrical Section, Valakom vide Cons No. 8864, with a contract demand of 98 kW. The appellant is running a granite crushing unit in the name and style "Povottu Granites". The APTS Unit of Kollam conducted an inspection in the premises on 23-07-2016 along with Sub Engineer of Electrical Section, Valakom and found that the energy used in one phase (out of 3 phases) was not recording in the meter. Accordingly, the party was served with a provisional short assessment bill, assessing for the period from 08/2014 to 07/2016, when the meter was found recording less than the actual, so as to recover the unrecorded portion of energy, for Rs. 5,93,588/-. The consumer lodged complaint before the Assessing officer, the Asst. Engineer, against the said assessment on 02-08-2016 and it was finalized the provisional amount assessed, on 22-09-2016, after conducting a hearing by the Assistant Engineer on 23-08-2016. Being not satisfied with the decision of the Assistant Engineer, the consumer approached the CGRF, Kottarakkara, with Petition No. OP 259/2016 and the Forum upheld the final bill issued and directed to remit the amount without interest in 10 instalments vide its order dated 14-03-2017. Aggrieved by the decision, the appellant has submitted the appeal petition before this Forum. In view of the above observations, it is hereby ordered that the short assessment bill for Rs. 5,93,588/- issued stands cancelled. However, it is made clear that the respondent is directed to reassess the appellant for the period from 02/2015 to 23-07-2016 by taking 50% of the recorded consumption from 2/2015 to 23-07-2016. The order dated 14-03-2017 of CGRF Kottarakkara in No. OP 259/2016 is set aside. Having concluded and decided as above, it is ordered accordingly. No order as to costs.


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Created 2017-08-24 00:00:00