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P/005/2019 - Sri.Vipin Thankappan, Kottayam
The appellant, Sri Vipin Thankappan was an Industrial consumer under Electrical Section, Thalayolaparambu, Kottayam bearing Consumer No.23485. This connection had been effected on 17-03-2007 for commencing an industrial unit at Mannar under Minimum Guarantee scheme with a connected load of 33305 watts under LT-IV industrial tariff. The MG period for which the consumer is bound to pay the minimum amount as per the Agreement was for seven years from03/2007. The appellant had remitted current charges up to 09/2007 only and due to non-payment of electricity bills, the electric service connection was dismantled on 31-05-2008 and Revenue Recovery Notice for Rs. 1385281/- was issued to him towards the arrears of bills and the MG charges to be paid plus interest, for the realization of the amount. The appellant has requested to exempt from the action of revenue recovery ordered against him considering his present financial difficulties. The petition submitted before the CGRF was disposed of vide order OP No. 119/2018 dated 24-12-2018. Still not satisfied with the order, the appellant filed this appeal petition before this Authority. In view of the above facts, it is decided to quash the arrear bill for Rs.13,85,281/- as revenue recovery issued to the appellant. The Respondent shall take action to declare the Line and Transformer as Self remunerative considering the income of 108 consumers connected to the transformer and the cost of 700 metres line required for installation of another 100kVA transformer in the same 11 KV line. The appellant is required to pay further, a balance amount if any in such a situation. Once the appellant remits the balance amount, if any, he shall be relieved from the MG liabilities and the Revenue Recovery proceedings. Having concluded and decided as above, it is ordered accordingly and the Appeal Petition filed by the appellant, stands disposed of to the extent ordered. No order on costs.


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Created 2019-04-02 05:01:50