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P/028/2019 - Sri Baburaj, Alappuzha
The appellant, Sri. Baburaj, Nikarthil House, Panavally, Cherthala is the registered owner of the LT consumer No. 1155142021622 under commercial tariff under Electrical Section, Poochakkal. On the basis of inspection conducted by Kerala State Pollution Control Board, Alappuzha on 04.02.2019 at that premises, Pollution Control Board has ordered to close the peeling shed operated in the building owned by Sri. Baburaj, Nikarthil, Panavally and directed the KSEBL to disconnect the electric supply to the premises vide letter No. PCB/ALP/CG-510/19 dtd 6.02.2019. A disconnection letter dtd 19.02.2019 was sent to the appellant by the Assistant Engineer, Electrical Section, Poochakkal by registered post. Aggrieved against this, the appellant approached the CGRF, Ernakulam. The CGRF in its order dtd. 29.03.2019 held that KSEB Ltd is bound to obey the direction issued by the Environmental Engineer of Kerala State Pollution Control Board to disconnect the supply of the appellant’s premises as per the regulation 138(e) of the Supply Code 2014 and also dismissed the petition submitted by the appellant. The service connection was disconnected on 25.03.2019. Aggrieved by the said order of CGRF, the appellant has filed the Appeal Petition, before this Authority. The appellant’s request in the appeal petition is the restoration of the electric connection. During the hearing the respondent has stated that the electric connection of the appellant in the premises was restored on16-05-2019 following the receipt of sanction from the Pollution Control Board. At present there is no grievance pending in the subject matter. In the above circumstances, the appellant informed that he is not pressing the appeal petition already submitted and withdrawn the case. Since the grievance of the appellant has already been settled, the appeal petition stands disposed of accordingly.


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Created 2019-07-01 05:17:25