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P/030/2019 - Sri. Zabir Ehsan, Kozhikode
The appellant is the consumer having consumer, No. 1166371013310 registered in the name of Sri Saidalavi under Electrical Section- Pantheerankav. The registered connected load of the consumer is 3847 watts. He is aggrieved by the exorbitant electricity bill dated 26-04-2018 amounting to Rs. 5285/- for the bimonthly consumption for 729 units from 23-02-2018 to 25-04-2018 and another bill dated 26-06-2018 amounting to Rs. 1746/- for 376 units from 26-04-2018 to 24-05-2018. The supply was disconnected on 24-05-2018 and later the service connection dismantled on 17-12-2018. The appellant approached the CGRF with a complaint against the impugned bills. The CGRF, Kozhikode has dismissed the petition on finding that the appellant could not convince the Forum that such quantum of electricity is not utilized by him. Aggrieved by the decision of CGRF, the appellant has submitted the Appeal petition before this Authority. From the findings and conclusions arrived at as detailed above, I decide as follows. The spot bills amounting to Rs. 5,285/- and Rs. 1,746/- issued to the appellant for the period from 23-02-2018 to 24-05-2018 is quashed. The respondent shall issue revised bills taking the average of previous 2 bi-months consumption of 188 units and 193 units, within a period of 15 days from the date of receipt of this order. The respondent shall reconnect service connection on remittance of the arrears by the appellant and after obtaining fresh application with required fees. The order of CGRF in OP No. 145/2018-19 dated 25-03-2019 is set aside. The Appeal Petition filed by the appellant is allowed and stands disposed of as such. Having concluded and decided as above it is ordered accordingly. No order on costs.


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Created 2019-07-01 05:34:14