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P/066/2019 - Sri Sivan M.K., Ernakulam
The appellant is the consumer under the Electrical Section, Chengamanad. The appellant has requested the respondent to shift the electric line and post located in appellant’s property after accepting a portion of the deposit work amount from him. Since further action has not been taken by the respondent, the appellant filed petition before the CGRF, Ernakulam in OP No.18/2019-20 requesting to shift the line and post from his property. Being not satisfied by the decision of CGRF, the appellant has filed this Appeal petition before this Authority against orders dated 29-07-2019 issued by the CGRF. From the findings and conclusions arrived at as detailed above, I decide as follows: 1. The respondent shall shift the LT three phase line passing through the property of the appellant to the road after realising the labour charge only. 2. The appellant shall bear the cost of the stay/strut to be used on either end of the line to be shifted along with labour charge. 3. The respondent shall convert the single-phase line along the road by adding two conductors bearing the cost of the materials and the appellant shall bear the labour charge of this conversion. 4. A revised estimate as above shall be prepared and communicated to the appellant within 15 days of receipt of this order by the respondent. 5. The respondent shall carry out the work on receipt of the revised estimate amount from the appellant within a period of 15 days. Having concluded and decided as above, it is ordered accordingly and the Appeal Petition filed by the appellant, stands allowed to the extent ordered. The order of CGRF, Ernakulam in 18/2019-20 dated 29-07-2019 is set aside. No order on costs.


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Created 2019-11-01 06:11:37