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P/011/2020 Sri. M.B. Priyakumar Ernakulam
The appellant is a consumer having a three-phase service connection bearing consumer no: 1157327001790 with registered connected load of 3000 watts under LT 5A tariff (Agriculture tariff) under Electrical Section, Vennala. The payment of the connection is being paid by the Krishi Bhavan and an amount of Rs.958/- was pending against the consumer number 1790 of the appellant for the period from 09/2017 to 09/2018. Disconnection notice was served on 27/10/2018. The appellant was aggrieved by the disconnection done on 05/12/2018, approached the CGRF, Ernakulam by filing a petition in OP No. 57/2019-20 for reconnection. The Forum disposed of the case in favour of KSEBL and dismissed the petition due to lack of merit, vide order dated 31-12-2019. Against the decision, the appellant has submitted this appeal petition before this Authority on 11-02-2020. From the analysis done above and the conclusions arrived at, this Authority takes the following decisions. The respondent shall give reconnection to the appellant on remittance of Rs.1548/- by the appellant and also take follow up action to realise the arrear amount from the Krishibhavan. On receiving the arrear amount from Krishibhavan, Rs.1,548/- shall be refunded to the appellant. Since the benefit of free electricity supply is granted under the special scheme for agriculture by the state government and on the basis of application submitted by the appellant, he shall also approach the Krishibhavan for settling the arrears by them and for regular remittance of the bill amount in future. Having concluded and decided as above, it is ordered accordingly. The Appeal Petition filed by the appellant is found having merits and is allowed to this extent. The order of CGRF, Ernakulam in Petition No. OP/057/2019-20 dated 31-12-2019 is set aside. No order on costs.


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Created 2020-07-06 05:13:29