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Orders of Kerala Electricity Ombudsman  in pdf format
P-031-2021-Skyline Amity Park - Order 03-02-2021


An inspection was conducted from Electrical Section, Edappally in the premises of the appellant and found that the MF used by the respondent for arriving at the actual consumption in the premises was ‘20’ in the previous bills instead of ‘30’. A site mahazar was prepared at the time of inspection of the premises after finding the Current Transformer (CT) used in the metering system was 150/5 A ratio and hence the ‘MF 30’. Following the inspection, the appellant was given a short assessment bill for Rs.14,08,818/- on 29-04-2020 for the period from October 2008 to March 2020 by the respondent towards the balance amount applying correct Multiplication Factor (MF). The appellant filed a petition before CGRF, Ernakulam vide OP No.1/2020-21 and the Forum directed the respondent in its order dated 25-09-2020 to issue a revised bill for the period from 2008 to 01-01-2013 after cancelling the bill under dispute. Aggrieved by the decision taken by the CGRF, the appellant filed this appeal petition before this Authority. Ion the meanwhile, a writ petition is filed by the respondent for KSEB Ltd. before the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala vide WP(C) No.826/2021(C) against the order of CGRF and hence the request of the appellant limiting short assessment period is subject to the judgement of the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala in the said writ petition. The appeal filed by the appellant is disposed of accordingly.
P-032-2020-Smt. Roshini Riju - Order 03-02-2021


The Petition filed by the appellant seeking to pass an order directing the respondent to remove the cross bars and overhead 1IKV electric transmission lines and other lines from the property of the appellant within a time bound manner. It is because of the visible infringement of electric transmission lines and cross bars encroached into the property of the appellant. The respondent is directed to initiate suitable action to remove the lines and cross arms from the property of the appellant by doing suitable rearrangement of 11 KV and LT cross arms or by shifting the ‘A’ type single steel pole in the same side of the road or by constructing a double pole structure in the same side of the road. The respondent can opt any of the suggestions, which is more economical and more technically feasible without obstructing the movements of vehicles and people through the roads. The expenses for the said work shall be met by the Licensee. The order of CGRF dated 30-09-2020 in OP No.14/2020-21 is set aside.
P-39-2020-Sri. Jeevan George, Thrissur-Order 17-02-2021


The tariff allotted to the appellant’s premises was LT VA for agriculture purpose and the service was disconnected following detection of unsafe drawing of electric wires inside the premises during the inspection conducted by the officers of KSEB Ltd. The electric connection was disconnected by the respondent and a notice to this effect was served on the appellant on the same day directing to rectify the defects and inform the Section Office for reconnection. The appellant rectified the defects and informed the Assistant Engineer, but the electric connection was not reconnected. Appellant filed a petition before CGRF, Central Region vide OP No.23/2020-21 and the Forum in its order dated 17-11-2020 issued the following:- “The respondent is directed to reinstate the electricity supply of Cons. No. 12423 under V B tariff without insisting the required requisite certificate/ approval/permit from the competent authority as per the Board Order dated 05-11-2020 and effect the ownership change on production of required documents as well as remittance of arrear charges within 15 days”. The appellant is not satisfied with the order and the appeal petition is filed on 01-12-2020. In the discussion, the respondent informed that the supply can be restored at any time under LT V(B) tariff, as the premises is intended to use as a cattle farm by the appellant. The appellant stated that, he is proposing to function the premises as a cattle farm soon after getting electric supply and which may be granted under LT V(A) tariff. The appeal petition for assigning tariff under LT V(A) is dismissed. The decision of CGRF, Central Region in OP No. 23/2021-21 dated 17-11-2020 is upheld.

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