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Orders of Kerala Electricity Ombudsman  in pdf format
P-042-2022-Smt. Sabitha. S., Alappuzha-Order 2-9-22


Appellant suggested to shift the electric post at the southern side of the property to the north-east corner in appellant’s property and this will shorten the electric line and the service wire for appellant’s old house, which is to be taken from this post. The Licensee prepared an estimate for Rs.12,852/- which involves erecting one post in the south-east corner of appellant’s property and the line will terminate this post. The service wire to the old house will be taken from this post and that of the neighbour. The weather proof service cable to the neighbour is to be supported and for this, the existing post could be used. The appellant is not agreeable for extending the service wire of the neighbour crossing appellant’s property and for bearing the cost of extending the service wire for her neighbour. The appellant approached the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum, Central Region and the Forum ordered to shift the lines/ WP wire drawn for the service connection of neighbour Smt. Sreedevi from the appellant’s property within two weeks on submission of the consent of Smt. Sreedevi & others and remitting the required deposit. Accordingly, the respondent prepared estimate for Rs.41,393/- to shift the line from another route. This is not agreeable to the appellant and the appeal petition has been filed and the Authority decided the following:- (14) The service line may be shortened as proposed by the appellant and both service connections are to be extended from the same post, the cost of the same is to be borne by the appellant. Licensee may explore the possibility of avoiding the support post for the WP service wire. Otherwise: (15) The line for the connection of the neighbour is to be shifted to the new route for which the appellant has to comply the provisions of Section 95 of the Kerala Electricity Supply Code, 2014. (16) The order of CGRF, Central Region is modified accordingly.
P-045-2022- Sri. Shareef Abdul, Kozhikode-Order 5-9-22


APTS conducted inspection at the firm and found that one CT coil ‘B’ phase is in open condition. The connection wire from CT to meter was burned and hence, the reading recorded by the meter was 28.28% less than the actual consumption. Since the exact date of CT open condition was not known, the short assessment was calculated for 12 months as per Regulation 152(3) of Kerala Electricity Supply Code 2014 for an amount of Rs.1,13,606/-. The appellant filed petition to Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (Northern Region) and CGRF(N) issued order to quash the short assessment bill and to prepare the short assessment bill for 6 months preceding the date of inspection. The appellant filed the appeal petition and the Authority takes the following decision: 3) The appellant is liable to pay the short assessment bill for 6 months. 4) The order of Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (NR) is sustainable.
P-046-2022-Sri. Augustine Thomas, Kottayam-Order 5-9-22


The appellant has a service line to his house from Elamthottam Transformer through a private road. This service line is executed by the Licensee with 5 posts in the year 2011 and the cost of line is borne by the appellant. The last post of this service line was placed in his compound and stay support was also placed in his land. Later, the post has broken and the new pole was installed just beside his compound wall. The neighbour has requested the Licensee to shift the service line from a cross country line arrangement to the private road in which he is also having right to travel and drawing line. The Licensee has executed the line by extending the line from the last post placed in appellant’s property without obtaining consent from him. The OH line was also crossing above his property. The appellant has filed petition to CGRF(Southern Region) and the Forum disposed the case vide order dated 20-05-2022 stating that the action of the respondent is seen sustainable. Then the appellant filed the appeal petition before the Authority and the decision is taken as follows: 1. The appellant’s application to disconnect the recently drawn OH line is disallowed. 2. The line has to be shifted to the other side of the private road, avoiding the property crossing of the appellant at the cost of Licensee.

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