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Orders of Kerala Electricity Ombudsman  in pdf format
P/05/2024- Smt. Saleena Ismail


The appeal petition filed by the appellant sri. Saleena Ismail is under the consideration of the State Electricity Ombudsman. The main complaint is about the excess bill raised by the licensee on 21/06/2023 for the service connection of consumer number 1146410030383, which is a domestic connection and the house was in locked condition. Licensee has connected a parallel meter and found that the existing meter of the consumer was not accurate. Then the meter was sent for testing and the test results shows that the meter is not faulty. The appellant is objecting the same and is not getting convinced by the test results. The hearing of the case was conducted on 10/03/2024 at KSEBL, IB, Pallom, Kottayam. To ensure that the meter is not faulty one more testing is necessary. It is hereby order that the said meter is to be retested at the lab of Kerala State Electrical Inspectorate and the test result is to be submitted within 15 days of the receipt of this order.
P/066/2023- Shri Greenol K.B.


The appellant sri. Greenol K.B. is a consumer of the licensee under the Kalady Electrical Section. The appellant availed power connection for his residential apartment in the high rise building named “Atlas Celestial Park” at Nedumbassery, Ernakulam District. The appellant had applied for a LT 1A domestic service connection in September 2023 along with wiring test cum completion certificate. There are 208 individual flats in this high rise building. The initial scheme approval from the Electrical Inspectorate has obtained showing the electrical scheme of all flats. The test cum completion certificate attached by the appellant was signed by the contractor other than the contractor who obtained the scheme approval. There was an HT connection for feeding the power to some of the flats in the commercial tariff. The flat owners went to court for obtaining the individual LT connection. The Hon’ble High Court of division bench have ordered for giving individual LT connection by disconnecting and dismantling the HT connection on January 2021. The appellant obtained the inspectorate approval on 27/09/2023. The application complying with that of the regulation has submitted on 01/12/2023 and the power supply was connected on 04/12/2023. The appellant filed petition to the CGRF requesting for an early service connection and compensation for the delay and also action against all those who are involved & delay the connection. The CGRF issued order dated 24/11/2023 stating that the respondent have to provide electricity connection on submitting the energization approval from the Electrical Inspectorate. Aggrieved by the decision of CGRF, the appeal petition is filed to this authority.
P/062/2023- Sri. Renjith P


The appellant Sri. Renjith is a consumer of the licensee under the electrical section, Kambalakkad and power connection was availed on 30/11/1993. The appellant has installed an on-grid solar plant of 3 kwp capacity under MNRE subsidy scheme. The licensee has enlisted few agencies for the supply, installation and commissioning of solar plants under the Soura scheme. The licensee has executed agreement with these agencies with a clause of defect liability period for 5 years and during this period the contractor has to repair/replace solar plant items at their cost. The appellant has selected one of the agency named M/s Kondaas Automation pvt. Ltd. and executed solar plant of capacity 3 kW on 10/05/2022. The solar plant was not giving the required output. As per the advice of the contract agency the appellant requested the licensee to of change the line. On inspection the officials of the licensee noticed very high voltage surge in the line and the frequency of the plant was changed. Then the production from the solar plant was increased and voltage also has increased to 279v and appellant was forced to switch off the plant. The increase in voltage of the solar plant has damaged the stabilizer. The damage would have happened due to wrongly setting the voltage. The main complaint of the appellant to the CGRF was also regarding the voltage problems and no other grievance were raised as per the order of CGRF. In the appeal petition also, no other prayer which was not made with CGRF could be entertained. The respondent has taken initiative and the voltage problem is resolved and the solar plants are working well.

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