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P-036-2022-Sri. Aboosalih, TVM-Order 14-07-2022
The Anti-Power Theft Squad (APTS) unit of KSEBL conducted a surprise inspection and detected an unauthorized additional connected load of 32 kW in the premises. An assessment order was issued to the appellant demanding an amount of Rs.6,99,046/-. Appellant filed an appeal before Kerala State Electricity Appellate Authority, and the Authority ordered to uphold the decision of Licensee to penalize the unauthorized additional load and set aside the assessment on misuse of tariff. Licensee had revised the bill only demanding the penal assessment amount of Rs.3,27,782/-, challenging this order, the Licensee filed a petition before the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala vide WP (c) No.41455/2018. The appellant submitted an application for regularization of additional load of 32 kW. As the transformer capacity was not adequate, the Licensee has not sanctioned the additional load and directed the appellant to pay Rs.3,10,315/- for drawing a new line from anther transformer. The appellant issued a lawyer notice, stating that the additional load (total load of 74 kW) was used by the appellant for more than two years. Licensee issued one notice for regularizing the additional load and another notice for disconnection of the power if the additional load is not removed. The appellant obtained the stay order from the Court. In connection with IPDS Scheme, one new transformer has been installed with 250 kVA capacity and then the additional load regularization has been done without any additional line on 22-05-2020. As the fixed charges for unauthorized additional load used was not remitted during the period from 28-06-2018 to 21-05-2020, a short-assessment of Rs.95,360/- has been demanded from the appellant. This was challenged in the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala and Hon’ble High Court has disposed the case reserving the liberty of the appellant to prefer an appeal to the appropriate authority. The appellant filed the petition to the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), Southern Region, Kottarakkara and the Forum ordered vide OP No. 77/2022 dated 06-04-2022 that the short assessment bill is liable to be paid by the appellant. Then the appellant filed this appeal petition and this Authority decides as follow: (9) The appellant is liable to pay the short assessment bill amount. (10) The respondent shall grant 12 numbers of monthly instalments to the appellant for payment of bill. (11) The order of CGRF, Southern Region, Kottarakkara in OP No. 77/2022 dated 06-04-2022 is modified to this extent.


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