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RP-002-2022-Sri.P.R. Kishore Kumar, Kozhikode-Order 06-02-23
The review appellant Sri. P.P. Kishore Kumar is a consumer of Licensee (KSEBL) from Vengalam, Kozhikode. The review appellant claiming that the Licensee had drawn a service wire through his land without consent. There was a post from which the service wire of his neighbour was taken, which has been shifted 1½ M away and then service wire was taken over the land belongs to the review appellant. The petition was filed to CGRF and then as appeal to this Authority. The original petition No. P-075/2022 has been disposed of on completing the procedural formalities. The review petition has been submitted on 05-01-2023 to this Authority to review the order placed on the petition No. P-075/2022. The review petition is rejected and disposed.


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Created 2023-03-09 09:34:01