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Orders of Kerala Electricity Ombudsman  in pdf format
RP/007/2023- The Assisstant Executive Engineer, Kechery


The review appellant The Asst. Exe. Engineer, Electrical Sub Division, KSEB, Kechery, Thrissur submitted this review petition to review the order placed by the Ombudsman for the appeal petition No. P/025/2023. The appellant of the original petition p/025/2023 is the owner of the land in Kuttamkulam, Velur village, Kunnamkulam Taluk. The licensee has placed multiple stay wires in this property without the consent of the land owner. The District Collector issued an order stating that the case is not coming under Indian Telegraph Act and KSEB has to resolve the grievance. As the order of CGRF was not the favour of the complainant the appeal petition was filed and Ombudsman issued order on completing the procedural formalities dated 07/07/2023. The review petition was filed to review the order of the Ombudsman.
P/038/2023- Shri. John P.C.


The appellant P.C. John is the resident of Mananthawady, Wayanad who is a farmer cultivating various crops. The appellant has applied for an agricultural connection on 10/11/2022 to the Electrical section, Mananthawady of the licensee. The purpose of the connection is to pump water from the river to the property owned by him. The appellant had produced the NOC from the Municipal office, but the NOC was a conditional one which states that the approval of the Irrigation department also is to be obtained. The allegation is that there was a considerable delay in inspecting the premises and also giving connection The inspection was carried out on 11/05/2023 and the demand note raised on 12/05/2023 and connection was effected on 15/05/2023. The appellant filed petition to the CGRF and CGRF issued order dated 30/06/2023. Aggrieved by the decision of CGRF this appeal petition was filed to this authority.
RP/004/2023- Shri. Shaji M


The appellant is a domestic consumer of the licensee under the section Ramanthali at Payyannur. The complaint was about drawing electrical line and placing the post and stay wire blocking the access to his property from the road. There was a public pathway which has been converted into a tarred road in front of his land at eastern boundary. The appellant requested the officials of the licensee to shift the post and stay wire and they have not agreed to shift the post and line. The appellant filed a civil case in the Munsif Court of Payyannur and is pending for decision. The appellant approached the CGRF and then appealed to this authority. The appeal petition numbered P/10/23 and hearing was conducted on 19-04-2023 and an order issued dated 25/04/2023. The civil case was pending in the court and hence the petition was dismissed as per Section 22(1)(d) of KSERC (CGRF and Electricity Ombudsman) Regulation 2005. Aggrieved by the decision of the Ombudsman in the appeal petition, this review petition is filed to this authority. On verifying the documents submitted and hearing both the petitioner and respondent and also from the analysis as mentioned above, the following decision are hereby taken. 1. This review petition is dismissed. 2. No order on cost.

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Consumers should submit  petitions to CGRF first before appealing Ombudsman.

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