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Orders of Kerala Electricity Ombudsman  in pdf format
P/033/2023- Smt. Jelsi Shaji


The appellant Smt. Jelsy Shaji is a consumer of the licensee (KSEB) of the Section Vyttila with consumer number 115356017209. The consumer also installed solar plant of capacity 3.43 kw. The complaint is that the fixed charges were collected for the total consumption. They have to pay the fixed charges even when the consumption is zero. The appellant also raised the complaint about the charging Electricity Duty for the generation electric power from the Solar plant. The charges for the net electricity banked to KSEB has not been paid and demanding the interest for the late payment of the banked energy. The appellant filed petition to the CGRF (Central Region) and CGRF issued order dated 16/05/2023. Aggrieved by the decision of the CGRF, the appeal petition has been filed to this office.
RP/007/2023- The Assisstant Executive Engineer, Kechery


The review appellant The Asst. Exe. Engineer, Electrical Sub Division, KSEB, Kechery, Thrissur submitted this review petition to review the order placed by the Ombudsman for the appeal petition No. P/025/2023. The appellant of the original petition p/025/2023 is the owner of the land in Kuttamkulam, Velur village, Kunnamkulam Taluk. The licensee has placed multiple stay wires in this property without the consent of the land owner. The District Collector issued an order stating that the case is not coming under Indian Telegraph Act and KSEB has to resolve the grievance. As the order of CGRF was not the favour of the complainant the appeal petition was filed and Ombudsman issued order on completing the procedural formalities dated 07/07/2023. The review petition was filed to review the order of the Ombudsman.
P/039/2023- Shri. Cheriyan K.C. Thomas


This appeal petition was filed by Mr. Cheriyan T.C. Thomas, Treasurer, Alzheimer’s & Related Disorders Society of India, in connection with the Tariff change of connection in the consumer no. 1156813010211. This connection is in the name Smt. Shilaja which was connected on 07/08/2002. This connection was a 3-phase connection with Tariff LT 1A, to Smt. Shilaja, Thandathil House, Ramavarmapuram with a registered load of 7.236 kw. The Tariff was changed to LT VIIA commercial with effect from 26/07/2017 as per the request of the consumer. The consumer submitted application to the licensee stating that the Alzheimer’s & Related Disorder Society of India nis functioning from this building and connected load was revised to 5.036 kw and requested to change the Tariff to LT VI D. The tariff changed to LT VI D ON 14/08/2019. The connection is still in the name of Smt. Shilaja. The tariff VI D is applicable only to old age homes where no charges are levied for boarding and lodging of inmates. During the inspection of APTS, Thrissur unit on 16/01/2023, it was observed the inmates were admitted on charging an advance fee and monthly fee. The copy of the receipt issued to an inmate was also produced along with the statement of fact. Then the tariff applicable should be LT VI B not LT VID. A short assessment for Rs. 2,03,619/- was prepared due to the wrong tariff application. The petitioner is still claiming that they should come under LT VID. The petition was filed to CGRF and CGRF issued their order dated 23/06/2023. This petition was filed as appeal to the order of CGRF.

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Consumers should submit  petitions to CGRF first before appealing Ombudsman.

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