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P-017-2022- Sri. Sunil Joseph, Ernakulamn-Order 31-05-2022
The appellant stated that he had got exorbitant bimonthly bills during December 2018 and March 2019. So parallel meter was installed to check the consumption. The wiring and connected load were checked with the help of an electrician and no abnormality and leakage were detected. The appellant also stated that there is no change of production up keeping and sale of plants are around uniform scale for the last 10 years. The appellant had approached the CGRF in the matter and the forum after considering the matter had issued the Order dated 25.05.2020, wherein it was ordered that the consumer meter shall be tested at a NABL accredited laboratory to check the accuracy of the meter within prescribed time. It was also ordered that the bills shall be recalculated as per the test report of the meter. The meter was tested and proved not to conforming to required standards. Accordingly, the bills were revised and the meter was replaced. Subsequently, the appellant further approached KSEB Ltd alleging exorbitant consumption and requested to test the accuracy of the meter again. Accordingly, a parallel meter was installed in the premise and was found that the consumptions recorded by both meters are same. Since the appellant was further insisting on testing of the said energy meter, the same was taken for testing. The meter was tested at Meter Testing Laboratory and found that the same was conforming to standards. The appellant again approached the CGRF, and the Forum in the Order dated 03.03.2022 directed that the appellant is bound to pay the bill issued by KSEB Ltd. The appellant has approached the State Electricity Ombudsman for conducting proper enquiry in the matter. a. The appellant is running a Nursery engaging Horticulture Farming and there is no sales in the premises of the appellant. b. There are people/staff staying in the building where the supply point is existing. c. The respondent KSEB Ltd has complied with the orders of the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum. d. The Meters have been tested in NABL accredited laboratory of KSEB Ltd as requested by the appellant and the meters are conforming to the required standards. e. The consumption is very low during rainy season and gradually increases and attains maximum during summer, which conforms to the usage of pumps for watering the plants in nursery. It is decided that the appellant is liable to pay the charges as the bills issued are for the energy consumed. The appellant may approach KSEB Ltd. for availing instalment system for paying the pending bills. The appellant may also approach KSEB Ltd. with all relevant documents for applying for change in tariff category based on the purpose.


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