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Orders of Kerala Electricity Ombudsman  in pdf format
P/038/2023- Shri. John P.C.


The appellant P.C. John is the resident of Mananthawady, Wayanad who is a farmer cultivating various crops. The appellant has applied for an agricultural connection on 10/11/2022 to the Electrical section, Mananthawady of the licensee. The purpose of the connection is to pump water from the river to the property owned by him. The appellant had produced the NOC from the Municipal office, but the NOC was a conditional one which states that the approval of the Irrigation department also is to be obtained. The allegation is that there was a considerable delay in inspecting the premises and also giving connection The inspection was carried out on 11/05/2023 and the demand note raised on 12/05/2023 and connection was effected on 15/05/2023. The appellant filed petition to the CGRF and CGRF issued order dated 30/06/2023. Aggrieved by the decision of CGRF this appeal petition was filed to this authority.
P/037/2023- Shri. Muhammed Nazeer


The appellant Sri. Muhammed Nazer is the consumer of the licensee under the electrical section, Attingal with consumer number 1145319025063. This is a three-phase connection under the tariff LT VII A. The connection was availed for a partnership firm named Nakshathra Tiles. The registered connected load is 42 kw and it was connected on 16/06/2015. The shop is located in Alamcode Junction. The appellant has not consumed any energy from 07/08/2020 to 01/08/2023. The licensee is only demanded the fixed charges for this consumer as per the rate approved by the Kerala State Electricity Regulatory Commission. The appellant has not paid any charges from 01/01/2021 to 16/11/2022. The total outstanding amount comes to Rs. 1,84,734/-. Though the instalment facility was given, the appellant was not keen in remitting the payment. The shop was closed due to the Covid 19 pandemic due to the lockdown declared by the government. The appellant is not in a position to remit the huge amount as the shop was closed during the time. They approached CGRF and CGRF ordered that the appellant is liable to pay the charges. Aggrieved by the decision of CGRF, the appellant filed this appeal petition to the authority.
P/036/2023- Sri. Paul Robson


The appellant Sri. Paul Robson was the registered consumer with number 1155406010243 under college Electrical Section. This connection was in LT IV A tariff. The appellant was not made the power charges since December 2021 as the payment was defaulted the licensee has disconnected the power according to the regulation of Kerala Electricity Supply Code 2014. The licensee could not locate the consumer and hence the notice for the disconnection was not served. The premises was on lease from Mr. Krishnamoorthi and the lease deed signed during 2008 and then the deed was neither renewed nor extended. At present the appellant is not the legal tenant of the premises. The owner submitted application for dismantling the power connection and the licensee has disconnected the power connection. Now the appellant approached the licensee for the reconnection of the power. The section office has asked to produce the legal document showing the occupancy of the premises and the appellant could not produce the same and hence the power was not connected. Aggrieved consumer approached the CGRF and CGRF order dated 23/06/2023 states that the CGRF is not to intervene in the case as the case is pending before the Hon’ble Rent Control Court, EKM. Aggrieved by the decision of CGRF this appeal petition was filed to this authority.

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